Members are expected to perform gallery duty and attend working bees at least once a year and be a volunteer within a work-team.   


GROUP 1: GALLERY  (Gallery Duty and 3 work-teams)

GALLERY DUTY [All members to perform where able]

Attend the Hut Gallery on Saturday or Sunday during the year between the hours of 11.00 am to 4.00 pm.

(To 5.00 pm on the last Sunday of an exhibition due to artists collecting works between 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm). 

Duties include liaising with the public - mainly supplying information; taking cash payments for gallery sales and providing receipts; collecting visitor statistics.  Two members are on duty at the one time. 

NOTE:  Members who exhibit artworks are expected to perform gallery duty during the exhibition


Updating and sending out monthly exhibition entry forms.  On Handing-In day: receiving entry forms and art work for exhibitions, recording and receipting entry fees, checking gallery duty circled, creating information tags, hanging works.  Organising and advising the monthly gallery duty roster, co-ordinating the unlocking /locking of the premises.


Sourcing and liaising with judges and guests to open exhibitions; organise their visit for judging purposes.

Source artists to demonstrate varying media.  Liaise and follow-up with bookings, register venue hire, advise committee members. Organise and administer special exhibitions eg. Young@Art, Street Art, and liaise with associated external bodies.  Provide information to members on upcoming/current exhibitions and events eg. send email, put posters in work room and foyer, update white boards


Purchase and present foodstuffs - nibbles and wine for exhibition openings and cemetery tours, pizzas for social evenings.  Help with Solstice and Christmas dinners.  Clear up and wash dishes during and at end of function.

Arrange and liaise with fund raising event organisers regarding location, equipment supplied etc, procure foodstuffs.  Attend event/fairs/markets to promote the FTGAS eg. Knox Festival, FTG Seed of Life monthly market



GROUP 2: MAINTENANCE  (Working Bees and 4 work-teams)

WORKING BEES [All members to perform where able]

Minimum of two are held during the year - one in January as we prepare for the start of the year, another is scheduled in Spring.  Normally 3 hours in the morning.  General clean-up of property, both internal and external.


Upkeep of building, both internal and external. Basic repair and maintenance duties, small jobs such as changing light globes etc.  Source and liaise with tradesmen when required.  Purchase of maintenance items.

2B:       CLEANING *

Weekly: Clean toilets and kitchen/lounge area including surfaces, stove, fridge and units; vacuum floor and mats, empty all bins in kitchen, studio and foyer.

Monthly: Mop gallery, foyer, kitchen & studio. Dust and clean all areas excluding toilets and kitchen.

Liaise with supplies/purchasing volunteers.

(Major cleaning works including windows and fixtures – undertaken within working bees.)

* Where one person performs duty all year their membership fee is reimbursed, if two+ people, mem. fee is halved


Maintain garden including watering, weeding, new planting and garden design. Grass cutting and yard maintenance.


Check weekly and/or purchase as needed: Kitchen and bathroom supplies eg. tea, coffee, sugar, paper towels, hand soap, toilet rolls; cleaning items; printer supplies; office supplies; artist supplies. Liaise with cleaning volunteers.

GROUP 3: MEDIA Work-team (incorporates the 4 aspects)

Newsletter:    Editing and distribution, writing articles, interviewing, taking photos for inclusion, researching

External publicity:  Contacting local and other newspapers, local radio station, distribution of flyers and brochures

Social media:  eg Facebook.  Update immediately as required (must have experience)

Website:        Update immediately as required.  Liaise with Newsletter volunteer. (must have experience)

All work-teams require a liaison person who also reports to and consults with the FTGAS Committee, or may themselves be a committee member.  FTGAS Committee members are deemed to be a volunteer within the ‘Committee’ work-team.